Clinical residency

Clinical residency is one of the highest forms of advanced training of physicians, based on the principle of individual training, aiming at the improvement of professional knowledge and skills, development of advanced medical technologies.

Foreign citizens can undergo training at clinical residency at different clinical departments of the Academy only intramurally.

Admission of foreign citizens to clinical residency course is carried out during the whole year after passing the Russian language test and a test on a specialty.

The duration of training at clinical residency on one specialty is 24 months, but it can be prolonged for the period of 5 years at the wish of a clinical resident.

On completing the training at clinical residency residents have to pass the Final Attestation in the form of an exam. On completing the training Dr. Hussein Ali El Fliti has successfully passed the Final Attestation and has been granted the Certificate of Specialized Training in Medicine (clinical residency)

According to the results of the Final Attestation clinical residents are granted the Certificate of Specialized Training in Medicine (clinical residency) after a successful pass of the exam within 5 days after the training.

Annually, the number of foreign residents is growing. At present foreign citizens from 27 countries undergo training on 34 specialties at our Academy. The most popular and common specialties among foreign residents are surgical (surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, oncosurgery, anesthesiology and critical care, plastic surgery, ophthalmology and etc.) and therapeutic ones (cardiology, rheumatology, endocrinology, neurology, and etc.)

Graduates of the Academy successfully work either in the Republic of Belarus, or abroad!